What Celtic Clan do you belong to? Discover your ancestral heritage

From our friends at clan.com:

How do I find my Family or Clan Tartan?

To find your clan or family tartan, simply key in your surname (without words like “tartan” or “clan”) into our Family Finder.

You’ll be provided with a list of potential names to choose from. By clicking on a name, you’ll be brought to a dedicated page where you’ll be able to explore a range of tartans and products specific to that clan or family.

There’s a few key points to keep in mind to help make sense of the results you get:

If you have a name with a few spelling variations, don’t worry if the spelling you see isn’t the same as yours. Once you’re on the page for your clan or family, you’ll see a section that lists a number of possible spellings, and it’s very likely that you’ll see your variation in this list.

You may also see a list of other clan or family affiliations marked as being suitable for you. This may be because your family is a Sept of another clan, or related in some other historical way. If you’d like to learn more about this, see our blog post about Scottish clan and family affiliations.

It’s also important to note that if you can’t find anything for your surname, you still have a number of options. You can try looking up grandparents’ maiden names, your spouse or partner’s name, or even just find a tartan that you think looks nice. If you’d like to read about some more options, we invite you to read more about what tartans you can wear, and we can also recommend a few universal tartans that anyone can wear.