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Heavy Games

It is believed that the origins of the Highland Games came from the origins of the Highland Games in the 11th century, when King Malcolm III (infamous for killing MacBeth), held a contest in the Braes of Mar to find the fastest runners and toughest fighting men. Other games events have been added over the centuries, perhaps stemming from the events such as weddings, and from the simple amusements of working men. During various times of the English occupation, from before the Wars of Independence to the suppression after the Jacobite wars, the men of Scotland were forbidden to bear or train with arms, in an attempt to prevent another popular Scottish uprising. Scots continued to train for war; they simply did so with the implements of war replaced with the implements of the Highland Games.

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Previous Year Results

Here we will post the previous years results in an easy to read table format. The Blackbird by Belfast Lough Int én bec ro léic feit do rinn guip glanbuidi: fo-ceird faíd ós Loch Laíg, lon do chraíb charnbuidi. What little throat Has framed that note? What gold beak shot   It far away? A …