#TBT Massenomics at the Highland Heavy Games 2015

The 2015 NESD Celit Faire and Heavy Games held in Aberdeen, South Dakota on September 19th, 2015. The Massenomics competitors participated in all 9 events.

The 9 events are:
1. Heavy Hammer for distance (22 Pounds)
2. Light Hammer for distance (16 Pounds)
3. Heavy Weight for distance (56 Pounds)
4. Light Weight for distance (28 Pounds)
5. Weight for Height (56 Pounds)
6. Sheaf Toss (20 Pounds)
7. Braemar Stone (25 Pounds)
8. Open Stone (17 Pounds)
9. Caber Toss

Yves Baka finished 4th in the Masters Class.

C Class results:
1st – Ryan Anderson
2nd – Ryan Defea
3rd – Shaun Falken
4th – Thomas Defea
5th – Steve McAnany

B Class results:
1st – Justin Moore
2nd – Nathan Hitchcock
3rd – Tanner Baird
4th – Keith Waldman
5th – Shane Quaschnick

Kilts by Dana Locken Inc.

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