Does Celtic Culture have a future? USA Kilts

We were asked … What would you personally like to see happen in the next 5-10 years in the Celtic community? And we sort of got a little preachy. Where is Celtic culture strong? How has COVID affected the economy of Scotland or Ireland? Is Scottish Gaelic an dead language? How can we educate kids to appreciate their Celtic heritage and roots? ————————————————– WE HAVE A PASSION FOR HERITAGE Located in Spring City PA, USA Kilts is a team of American kilt makers who have been making men’s kilts in authentic clan tartans since 2003. We craft a full range of kilts right in our shop, from our budget casual kilt to our traditional machine sewn, hand-finished 8-Yard kilt. We specialize in all aspects of highland wear and Celtic clothing including Scottish, Irish and Welsh kilts and accessories. ONLINE: http://www.USAKilts.com https://www.facebook.com/USAKilts/ https://www.instagram.com/usakilts/ E-mail: sales@usakilts.com