Do Tartans Have Secret Meanings?

What do the lines in a tartan mean?
Do the colors of a tartan have specal meaning?
Does the thread count of a tartan have any meaning?
Is there a tartan code?
Why do clans have different tartans?
How do you know which tartan to wear?
Tartan (sometimes called plaid by mistake) is a patterned cloth consisting of crisscrossed threads of different colors. The number of threads is what differentiates the pattern. Over time, many people have come to believe that the shades of colors in tartan have a specific meaning – or a code. For example that “red means courage,” or “white means purity.” Is this purely myth? Yes and no. While there is no such hidden code, modern tartans are often created with the intention of ascribing meaning to some aspect of the design, especially colors.