A special gift from our friends, Steel City Rovers

A message from Steel City Rovers Ryan McKenna:
Merry Christmas to our friends and fans in South Dakota! Like many of you, we had been looking forward to the NESD Celtic Faire & Highland Games in Aberdeen this past September.
Crossing the continent to enjoy the rich Celtic offerings infused with such warm Midwestern charm is an experience that we remain eager to repeat.

Thanks to Bart, Jon,  and the whole team for doing all that they can to navigate the realities of the pandemic and for keeping hope alive that we can come together very soon to celebrate once more.
We have been hard at work these past few months and we would like to present a brand new music video to our original song,

Christmas Eve Reverie. Directed by Stephen Milne, this short film wistfully brings memories of family and Christmas traditions to life, right before our misty eyes. We wish you, your family and the entire Celtic Faire & Highland Games community the very best of this beautiful season