Thank you to all our friends, old and new

Now that we’ve all had to chance to breath and.. recover, we can’t thank everyone enough. First the fans, without you all showing up our Celtic Faire wouldn’t exist, we do this for you and you do this for us.

We had quite a few logistical issues, but stayed flexible and kept having fun. Our piper was supposed to be an entire Pipe and Drum group, but things happen and we all enjoyed Wyatt’s great playing anyway!

Some things went very right, The Highland Games were a blast, the Guthrie Dancers crushed it, Contae Loch were amazing, and The Steel City Rovers blew us all away!

Our vendors were fantastic, the raffle was so much fun. Dempsey’s served the best beer in town and the bees loved our mead almost as much as we did!

Richmond Lake really turns into a magical place when we all show up and celebrate together.

Because of your support we’ll be back next year – and if you’re interested in helping by being on the committee, now is the time to sign up!