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Highland Heavy Games

Highland games are events held in spring and summer in Scotland, other countries as well as the United States as a way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture and, especially that of the Scottish Highlands..​

It is believed that the origins of the Highland Games came from the origins of the Highland Games in the 11th century, when King Malcolm III (infamous for killing MacBeth), held a contest in the Braes of Mar to find the fastest runners and toughest fighting men. Other games events have been added over the centuries, perhaps stemming from the events such as weddings, and from the simple amusements of working men. During various times of the English occupation, from before the Wars of Independence to the suppression after the Jacobite wars, the men of Scotland were forbidden to bear or train with arms, in an attempt to prevent another popular Scottish uprising. Scots continued to train for war; they simply did so with the implements of war replaced with the implements of the Highland Games.

Each year on the third Saturday of September, Scottish Highland Heavy Competitive Games at the Northeastern South Dakota Celtic Faire & Games will include the Open Stone Put, Breamer Stone, Sheaf Toss, Weight for Height, Caber Toss, Weight for Distance and Hammer Throw. The competition will take place on the Games Field at the Richmond youth camp, Richmond, SD. There is a fee to participate and athletes must be a least 16 years old to compete. Athletes must be registered at Games Field by 7:30 am on Saturday and on the field before the first event begins . Click on the Athletic Events Entry Form below to print out the entry form needed to participate in the Games on game day. Contact Games Director Bart Walker at 605-228-1206 for practice times and location prior to games.

There will also be Children's Highland Games that will allow youth the opportunity to try their skills at the Caber Toss, Sheaf Toss, Hammer Throw, Weight For Distance, and Haggis Hurl. Come, bring your family and enjoy the Highland Games competition! Contact Megan (417)658-5226 for more information.
​​Spectators welcome! Hope to see you there!

 Detailed information about the games can be found here.

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