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Announcement: NESD CELTIC FAIRE & HIGHLAND GAMES will return in 2021

Come, Send Round the Wine by Thomas Moore

Come, send round the wine, and leave points of belief To simpleton sages and reasoning fools; This moment’s a flower too fair and brief To be wither’d and stain’d by the dust of the schools. Your glass may be purple, and mine may be blue, But, while they are fill’d from the same bright bowl, …

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How Do You Express Celtic Heritage WITHOUT a Kilt???

There are SO many great ways to explore and express your Gaelic heritage and cultural roots!

A special gift from our friends, Steel City Rovers

A message from Steel City Rovers Ryan McKenna: Merry Christmas to our friends and fans in South Dakota! Like many of you, we had been looking forward to the NESD Celtic Faire & Highland Games in Aberdeen this past September. Crossing the continent to enjoy the rich Celtic offerings infused with such warm Midwestern charm …

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Do Tartans Have Secret Meanings?

What do the lines in a tartan mean? Do the colors of a tartan have specal meaning? Does the thread count of a tartan have any meaning? Is there a tartan code? Why do clans have different tartans? How do you know which tartan to wear? Tartan (sometimes called plaid by mistake) is a patterned …

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