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How Do You Express Celtic Heritage WITHOUT a Kilt???

There are SO many great ways to explore and express your Gaelic heritage and cultural roots!

Do Tartans Have Secret Meanings?

What do the lines in a tartan mean? Do the colors of a tartan have specal meaning? Does the thread count of a tartan have any meaning? Is there a tartan code? Why do clans have different tartans? How do you know which tartan to wear? Tartan (sometimes called plaid by mistake) is a patterned …

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Are Kilts from Scotland OR Ireland? (Some Basic Gaelic Garb History)

Are kilts Irish or Scottish? What did the Scottish wear before kilts? Why did the Irish wear kilts? (if they did) Was there, or is there, a pan-gaelic garment? What is the Irish Brat? What is an Irish léine? The traditional great kilt (“breacan an fheilidh” or “feile mor”) dates back to around the 16th …

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Celtic Myth – The Isle of Destiny

Celtic Myth – The Isle of Destiny Inis Fáil is the Isle of Destiny, in Ireland. It was here that the Children of the Danu were sent on a quest to find their destiny, but they would have to encounter the Fir Bolg first…  

The Fascinating History of Scottish Highland Warriors

How much do you know about the military history of Scottish Highlanders? Did you know that there are more highland regimens in Canada than any other country, including Scotland? Have you heard of the famous Highland Charge, used on the battlefield against British troops with muskets? https://www.warmuseum.ca/highlandwarr… This video is proudly sponsored by the Canadian …

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