Band Announcement: The Northerly Gales return to the 2021 NESD Celtic Faire

It’s a convoluted tale involving mutual friends, random acquaintances, outright strangers, coffee shops, and pubs, the telling of which isn’t even consistent among those of us who were there.  But this is known for certain – in early August 2014, those who would go on to become The Northerly Gales were together for the first time at the Dubliner Pub in St. Paul, MN for Shanty Night.

And what a fantastic ride it has been!  From garages and basements to headlining regional festivals, they’ve had the chance to make music for many wonderful people.  They’ve played all over the Twin Cities, from the Dubliner, Charlie’s, and Merlin’s Rest to the Celtic Junction, Irish Fair of Minnesota, and the Cedar Cultural Center.  They’ve travelled all around the Midwest to share their music. They’ve shared the stage with many wonderfully dedicated local, regional, and international musicians. And TNG released “Together,” their first album, in 2017 as part of the Irish Fair of Minnesota’s Irish Arts Week!

With soaring melodies and driving rhythms, TNG puts their own high-energy spin on Celtic Folk and Americana.  Innovating and original in their own ways, while respecting the traditions that have borne this music through the years.  They compose, they arrange, and they put on a rocking show.

The long and the short of it is that the Gales are always ready to rock.  Whether you’re looking to tap your feet, forget your troubles, or just share a pint over some great tunes, look no further than The Northerly Gales.

Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band returns to the NESD Celtic Faire

The Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band was established in 1962 to preserve and advance Celtic piping, drumming, and dancing. We are one of the oldest existing pipe bands in the Upper Midwest. Over the years the Brian Boru Band has become a fixture in parades, celebrations, dances, and an increasing number of private festivities. We play for local, regional, and national events, adding a sense of tradition and spirit of pageantry to every program in which we participate.

Our distinctive Irish uniforms — the saffron kilt, black tunic, and black cabeen (beret) with green or red plumes — are modeled after traditional Irish pipe bands. A number of the band members wear the original brass buttons from uniforms of the Irish Volunteers, the very units involved in the historic Easter Uprising in Dublin, 1916. Officers of the Brian Boru Band, recognized by the distinctive red sash worn across their left shoulder, choose the tunes you hear.

Some of the music performed by the Brian Boru Band came out of that fierce era of Ireland’s past. Other pieces are more modern, and many are much, much older — ancient reels and airs, timeless ballads and war marches, and lively, lighthearted jigs.

Every member of the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band is a volunteer, and each performance represents hours of personal time dedicated to providing our listeners with the finest pipe and drum music available. Ask any band member about the free weekly bagpipe and drum lessons available for anyone interested.

Weddings, parades, family reunions, or other celebrations are made much more special by performances by the Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band, or by one or two pipers. We would be honored to help you turn a piping performance into one of the highlights of your event. The skirl of the pipes, the beat of the drums, and the graceful high step of our dancers make every occasion memorable.

Band Announcement: Contae Loch join 2021 NESD Celtic Faire

Since 2017 Contae Loch has enthralled crowds with  instrumental and vocal music that reflects traditional Irish music with a bit of New World flair.

Their music style includes jigs, reels, polkas, ballads, marches and hornpipes and more.  They always invite the audience to sing along, or at least tap your foot, and join in the fun as Contae Loch shares the music of the Celtic culture.
Band members include: Joel Brick (fiddle), Bill Renneker (guitar), David Martin (vocals/recorder), Bryan Schultz (banjo/vocals), Glen Enright (accordion), Michael Hennen (bodhran).

Guthrie School of Dance returns to the 2021 NESD Celtic Faire

Guthrie School of Dance was born out of a dream to foster an inclusive atmosphere where students could learn about the heritage and art of Scottish dance, from Highland and Country dancing to forms of step dance that eventually became Cape Breton Step and Clogging as Scots immigrated around the world.

Scottish dance and music are rich with stories, like the heavy games, the sheer athleticism in Highland dance is hard to beat, and the subtle influences of other cultures makes Scottish dance a treat to watch and participate in.

Join Guthrie School of Dance and get lost in the wonderful traditions of Scotland and Scots around the world. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @GuthrieSchoolofDance and be sure to come to the Northeast South Dakota Celtic Faire to try your hand at a Fling, a jig or just to enjoy a great day of dancing and music.

Guthrie School of Dance was founded in 2006 after director, Kristy Van Hoven, discovered there was a lack of classes and opportunities for dancers who wished to dance after retiring from competitive dance. Upon receiving her credentials from the Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance, Kristy embarked on a mission to make Scottish dance available to anyone who wished to dance. She now teaches online and in person with students in Scotland, Canada and the United States with students competing and demonstrating Highland, Country and Step dance around the world.

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